Classic Gymnastics


Classic's Shop carries a large selection of GK training leotards in CXS-Large and AXS-XLarge

We also carry other training items such as grips and wrist guards, briefs.

We have a resale area for gentle used leos, sweatshirts, t-shirts and other clothing

You may also find craft items from us and other families such as crotcheted hats/scarves,  awards holders and other nice items.

American Girl doll leos, shorts, hats, scarves, ponchos, , grips for doll.


13,000 Sq. ft. fully equipped  heat and air-conditioned

Large resi-pit area for Trak, bars, Vault and Tumbling

Beam area for Competitive, Recreational and Pre-school training

Multiple Bars for Boys and Girls

42X42 Spring Floor

2 Vaulting lanes with Table and Large Matting area

Recreational Boys equipment -rings, pommel horse, high bar, P-bars

​Warrior sports equipment

Just for Kids Preschool development equipment


Bouldering Wall and Rope Swings

Large selection of additional wedges, octagons, matting and other fun items

Overhead spotting belts

Open Seating area for Parent Observation