Classic Gymnastics

Girls Gymnastics

 Level 1    Beginning    K & Up

Level 1A  Beginning     5-7 yrs

Level 1B.  Beginning   8years & older

Level 2A  Advanced Beginning  5-7 yrs

Level 2B  Advanced Beginning   8 & older

Level 3     Intermediate

TAAF and USA  Xcel Competition Team

Level 1                 5:00pm                    Tue

Level 1A              6:00pm                    Tue

Level 1A              6:00pm                    Wed

Level 1                 6:00pm                    Thu

Level 1B               6:30pm                     Mon

Level 1B                6:00pm                   Tue

Level 1B                 6:00pm                   Wed

Level 2                  5:00pm                    Tue

Level 2                   6:00pm                   Tue

Level 2                   7:00pm                    Tue

Level 2                   6:00pm                    Wed

Level 2                   7:00pm                    Wed

Level 2                    6:00pm                    Thu

Level 2B                  6:30pm                    Mon

Level 3                     6:30pm                    Mon

Level 3                     7:00pm                    Tue

Level 3                     6:00pm                   Wed

Level 3                    7 :00pm                    Wed       


TAAF and USA Xcel Teams


 Annual Registration fee:  $35/$15 2nd child

40-45 minute classes  $55 per month/2nd child $45

55 minute classes

$65 per month  one class per week/2nd child $57

$105 per month 2 classes per week/2nd child $100

$150 per month  3 classes per week

Tuition is due by the 25th of each month for the next month

(please be aware that some months may have only 3 weeks  while others have 5 weeks.   NO refunds for missed classes.   There is a $5.00 late fee for payments after the 25th-8th of next month and $10.00 late fee for payments after the 8th of each month

We do NOT send monthly statements.

There is a $25.00 return check fee

MasterCard and VISA and debit cards accepted.


Warrior Sports

Tumbling   Tramp   Ninja Obstacles

Training Agility and Strength

Boys  and   Girls     

L1 Boys/Girls          6:30pm            Mon

L1 Boys/Girls          7:00pm             Tue

L1 Boys /Girls         7:00pm              Wed

L2 Boys/Girls          7:00pm             Tue

L2 Boys/Girls           7:00pm            Wed

JR Warriors-4-6yrs   5:30pm            Mon

JR Warriors               6:00pm              Tue

JR Warriors               5:00pm            Wed


8 years and older

 Beginning/Adv Beginning     5:00pm        Wed

Adv Beginning/Intermediate    7:00pm       Thu


  2018 Classes 





PSMom & Me    45 minutes   2 - 3 years

PS   Beg             45 minutes    3 - 5 years

*PS2  Intermediate  55 minutes  3-5 years

Jr Warrior Sports  45 min class   4-6 yrs

Mom and Me         4:30pm            Thu

PS 2 1/2 - 5            5:30pm           Mon

PS  2 1/2 - 5yrs       6:00pm           Tue 

PS  2 1/2 - 5yrs       5:00pm           Wed

PS  2 1/2 -5yrs        6:00pm          Wed

PS 2  4-5 yrs           5:00pm           Tue

PS 2  4-5 yrs           6:00pm           Thu

JR Warrior 4-6yrs   5:30pm          Mon

JR Warrior Sports   6:00pm          Tue

JR Warrior Sports    5:00pm          Wed

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